Friday, January 29, 2010

Some other bits!!

TODAY IS: Thomas Crapper Day: Though credited by many as the inventor of the flush toilet, Crapper was not, but he did hold numerous patents that helped modernize indoor plumbing.
Heavy Metal fans are being encouraged to register their religion as Metal Heads in the March census. The campaign, launched by Metal Hammer magazine, has already attracted nearly 10,000 followers to a Facebook group. In the last census, a similar campaign led to 390,000 UK residents listing their religion as Jedi.
No one was injured when a small plane with engine trouble made an emergency landing at a Texas golf course, the pilot said. Brendon Ford said he was flying from Lafayette, La., to Columbus, Texas, Monday when the engine started sputtering only about 40 minutes from his destination. "They have a wonderful golf course," Ford said of Hermann Park. "Very smooth fairways and it's a nice place to land your plane if you have to land short."

Q: According to a new survey, 21% of us are guilty of this at least once a week. What?

A: Being late to work!

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