Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Bobsleigher's split is an online hit

A British bobsleigh rider has become an accidental internet hit - after bursting out of her skin-tight Lycra suit.

Gillian Cooke's suit split just before she jumped into the bobsleigh with team-mate Nicola Minichiello during a world championship event in Switzerland.

Unfortunately for her, the embarrassing incident was caught on camera and quickly ended up on YouTube where it has notched up more than 1.4million hits.

Cooke, 27, seemed unaware of the technical malfunction however, despite the amusement of one of the officials, who was filmed laughing moments after the accident. Despite the slip up, Cooke and Minichiello managed to finish seventh at the championships which took place in St Moritz.

The two British women are due to compete at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada next month and hope to add to their gold medal from last year's World Championships in Lake Placid.

Cooke is originally from Edinburgh and is the brakes woman for the bobsleigh which is driven by Sheffield-based Minichiello.

No one from Team Minichiello was available for comment. Their website made no mention of the incident.


A US conman allegedly posed as a stunning female model on the internet to trick male admirers into sending him gifts and money.

Police in Texas said Justin Brown, 24, masqueraded as jeans and swimwear model Bree Condon, 23, for two years.

He posted a fake online profile on, 'the meeting place for wealthy and beautiful singles', reports the LA Times.

Brown allegedly identified himself as 'Bree - just looking for Mr Right', with accompanying photos of the brunette cover girl.

Police say he enticed rich suitors by sending them fake nude pictures, setting up web chats and even had intimate telephone conversations with his contingent of male fans, using his "very feminine voice".

The admirers were charmed into sending gifts to 'Bree', including an iPhone and a small dog. One affluent doctor even handed over nearly £10,000.

The scam was only uncovered after authorities, prompted by an investigator hired by the real Bree Condon, tracked Brown down to a budget motel room in Austin, Texas.

Private investigator John Carbona said he was stunned to find out that the fraudster was a man.

"I'd been talking to this person for three months," Mr Carbona said. "I'm telling you this guy has either had his gonads removed or he is talking through a voice synthesizer."

Austin police are investigating whether Brown also created a fake website for Condon, as well as Facebook and MySpace profiles in her name.

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