Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Avicii - Levels (Video)

MAY 2012!!

Men in Black III in 3D!! May, 2012. :) Andrew.

Awkward Christmas Present!!

Just spotted this earlier while on the Internet! One of the ads down the side of the page :)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We had the Spice Girls do it, Take That did it, Steps are doing it, Boyzone tried it, B*Witched rumoured it and now......................S CLUB 7 want to do it!!!! They've seen what Steps did and now they want some of the action!!!! Andrew. :)

Fascinating Predictions for 2012

This is the Old Moore's Almanac 2012 Press Release. It's an interesting read :) Andrew. Old Moore’s Almanac has been around for two and a half centuries. In its time, it has made some crazy predictions about the future. A disturbing amount of them have come true. The Old Moore’s Almanac 2012 edition will be released in the first week of December and it has more predictions for us all to discuss over a nice hot cup of whatever you darn well fancy. In celeb news, one or both of Jedward will propose marriage, much to the heartbreak of their audience. There will be a gold super spike, so those who bought ten years ago are super-celebrating! There is a divorce on the cards for Sarah Palin. And for those planning to head to Australia for a sea-change will be disappointed with the prediction that Australia’s economy will bust this year. Emigrate elsewhere! Hilary Clinton could possible win a Nobel Peace Prize, and she could also have a cougar moment. And boy does she deserve one. A not-so-good prediction is that The Duke of Edinburgh will die in his sleep. In other bad news, the current pope will also pass over, and the new pope comes to power in strange circumstances. And in the worst news of all (look away if easily saddened) the weather in 2012 will be HUGELY RUBBISH! In other sticky-situation news, a cruise ship will be damaged at sea, with a fire on board. It will be the first in 3 or 4 problems with large cruise ships world-wide. Be prepared to abandon ship! In procreation news, Prince William and wife Catherine will have a baby girl. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will adopt 3 more children, 2 of them are twins. In high-tech predictions, there will be a rise in the use of biometric security systems in 2012 as the devices become mass-produced for the first time. You could be using your fingerprint or your eyeball to gain access to your house…and here’s the good news, you may lose your keys but you won’t be losing you eyeball any time soon. In electric news, the American power grid suffers a broad failure and many people again are weeks without power. This causes the EU to examine their power grid and operations and we get a bit of an old fight. As well as the predictions, the Almanac also has many other features on farming in impossible areas, and a look back at the accidentally funny 1920 issue of the Almanac. It also hosts a discussion of Irish traditions which should be revived, such as Women’s Christmas, and Bilberry Sunday, in which smug marrieds watch young hotties get dates whilst halfway in a bilberry bush. We also have an article remembering the peat bog days, where many families would spend the day cutting turf for the winter. Our Irish-speaking writer of this article, CiarĂ¡n Mac Aonghusa is available for interviews in Irish. After a re-launch for the 2010 edition, sales have increased markedly, an unusual result in a recession. The magazine has been repositioned to catch wider market, including younger people interested in not only future predictions, but futurism as a subject. This edition sees us pairing up with both facebook and twitter. When Theophilus Moore first started this Almanac in 1764 using rudimentary printing practices, little did he know that now people all over the world would be able to access all that is Old Moore’s Almanac with the click of a mouse. I’m sure Theopihilus knew what a mouse was…although in his day it wouldn’t be something welcome on his desk.

Man Flu - The Truth

This video made me laugh, if you have a sense of humour it should also make you laugh!!!!Andrew. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Man's 1st Word!!

Parents very often tell stories of their kids 1st words, or new parents can't wait for that joyful occasion where their sons and daughters finally say the all important something!! Well then you must think to yourself, "I wonder what was the 1st word ever spoken?" or at least I do :). And you'd be forgiven to think it was sort of groggy early in the morning grunt or groan or general noise uttered from the mouth!!! Well wonder no more because, Scientists claim the D'oh catchphrase of Homer Simpson could have been one of the first words ever uttered by modern man. Boffins from the University of Amsterdam say this is because of the way in which our prehistoric ancestors vocal tract was formed. The shape and mechanics of the mouth and throat meant that while speech would have been limited, the 'u' sound would have been one of the easiest to make. Dr de Boer -- who studied the hyoid bone of ancient vocal tracts -- says this would frequently have been put together to make 'Duh' and 'Buh' sounds. He suggests the first words would have been spoken about million years ago… and are not dissimilar to those used by many men today. Andrew. :)

Finally A Proper and Worthy Invention!!!

It's more pee than Wii for gamers at a bar in London -- where urine-controlled video games have been installed in their toilets. Loo-goers at the Exhibit Bar in Balham get to play games -- including askiing game and a quiz -- every time they go to the toilet. Users (men only) aim their pee in the specially-crafted urinals to control the games which are displayed on LCD screens mounted above. Bar bosses hope the games will not only attract new customers, but that regulars will drink more in order to play longer and set news high scores. Andrew. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Coolest Street Painting EVER!!!

Visitors to West India Quays at Canary Wharf would have been forgiven for treading carefully after stumbling on this amazing 3D painting.

Artist Joe Hill was commissioned by Reebok Crossfit to create the massive and record breaking 1160.45m² painting of a waterfall and plunging cliffs.

Speaking of his record Joe said: "I am absolutely over the moon to have broken not one but two Guinness World Records for the longest and largest anamorphic painting!

"As a London based artist it is really special to create this artwork in the heart of the city and also to be able to bring the world records for 3D art back home to Britain where 3D art first started."

Andrew. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Great Cover

This is Excellent!!

Andrew. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Andrew. ;)

Adele Hits Glee

We haven't spoken for ages about Glee on the show but this week they mash up Adele. And I have to say this is very well done!

Andrew. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Jumpers :)

For the last few years I've been trying to get really nerdy silly and ridiculous Christmas jumpers and last year I though I had the perfect find until I clicked buy on a website only to find out it was sold out!

Like other years I was too late! And then I see Ryan Tubs pop up on the toy show wearing it! I was gutted....

However this year I'm on the ball and got in early (maybe too early) but here are my choices this year :) Happy Christmas


It will be hard for any guy to top this proposal. :)


By the wat I love how they all go back to their normal day at the end of the Video :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Where were you???

On 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 I was in my car on the way to work at Radio Kerry listening to Today FM :) just for the record.

Andrew. :)

How Holland beat Brazil!!!!

How did the Dutch beat Brazil last summer? from Tim & Stefan on Vimeo.

How Holland beat Brazil!!!!

Andrew. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Story Updated so Far

A load of texts and emails into the show since Tuesday when I announced the news about Frankie Cocozza. So heres the story updated so far.

Four former X Factor acts have been given the opportunity to win back a place on the show.

One of James Michael, Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes or Jonjo Kerr, who were all eliminated by the judges in the first week of the live shows, will replace axed singer Frankie Cocozza on Saturday's episode.

The public will now vote for James, Amelia, 2 Shoes and Jonjo for the first time. Whoever receives the most votes will win their place back in the competition from this weekend.
An X Factor spokesperson said in a statement: "The four acts have never been in a public vote so, with Frankie leaving the competition, this is an opportunity for the public to decide who comes back to the show."

Voting details will be confirmed tomorrow. But I think its UK only.

The X Factor's returning contestant will be revealed this Saturday at 8.15pm on TV3.

Andrew. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Very Talented Guys

Very Talented Guys, plus this must take ages to put together!

Andrew. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Heres the downside to getting someone to jump start your car from battery to battery!

These motorists proved they aren't the brightest sparks - by destroying their cars after crossing jump-start wires.

The motoring mishap resulted in damage that meant both cars were write-offs.

The incident in Columbia, South Carolina, saw silver Jeep owner Andrew Jernigan connect jump-leads to 21-year-old friend Delaney Mills' red Volkswagen.

Their pal Marc Coty saw the whole thing.

Coty explained: "Delaney's Volkswagen stalled on the street, so Andrew pulled his Jeep up to her car to jumpstart it.

"While attaching the jump cables to the batteries of the cars, they accidentally crossed the wires, attaching the positive cable to the negative terminal on the battery and vice versa.

"After Andrew started his car up, the rubber melted off of the jump cables, making it impossible to remove them from the batteries of the cars. The battery of Andrew's jeep began to smoke.

"While calling 911 to report the case to the fire department, the battery caught flame. The fire began to spread very quickly across the entire engine of Andrew's car.

"One of our friends, Dylan Dickerson, tried to beat the fire out with a placemat with no success. We were afraid to throw water on the car, as we thought this would not be the best idea with an electrical fire.

"Within the 15 minutes that it took the firefighters to get to the scene, the flames had engulfed about three-quarters of Andrew's entire car and the flames reached probably 10 feet in height," he concluded.

Andrew. :)