Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brake Pedal! What Brake Pedal??

A woman had a lucky escape after she stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake and nearly shot backwards over a roof edge.

Shan Dan, 57, was reversing her BMW car in a multi-storey car park.

"I felt a sudden bump from the rear, and then out of panic, I tried to step hard on the brake, but mistakenly stepped on the gas instead," she said.

Shan, who has been driving for only six months, was left dangling over the edge of the roof after her can knocked down a barrier.

"I calmly killed the engine, opened the door and got out of the car before realising how dangerous it was," she added.

"I was absolutely terrified when I got out and saw the precarious position of my car."

A crane had to be called in to lift the car to safety.


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Future Messi??

A Dutch Club have already signed this ONE YEAR OLD up for the future. Looks Like Youtube isnt just for the likes of Justin Bieber :)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blue - I Can (UK Eurovision entry 2011)

So after all the chat on the show for the weeks, here it is finally, the UK Eurovision entry. Will it beat the likes of Jedward?

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Arnie goes again?

Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to his iconic role as the Terminator.

According to Deadline, the actor has signed up for what will become the fifth film in the franchise, which was created by Avatar director James Cameron.

It is alleged that Sony and Lionsgate, Universal and CBS Films are considering a Schwarzenegger-centric deal worth $25 million upfront, excluding personnel fees.

It was reported in December that Universal was first in line to revive the series of films, which began in 1984.

It is further reported that Fast and Furious helmer Justin Lin is on board to direct the project.

Cameron said last year that he was pleased that Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines and Terminator Salvation did not outperform his two earlier films in the box office.

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Everybody's Drinkin'

As I post this to the blog April 27th 2011 at 11.48am, the video has 62,000+ views on youtube, brilliant idea and very funny too :)

And its available on iTunes too.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Shoos Live in Studio

Half the band "The Shoos" popped into studio yesterday April 19th 2011 for a chat and play their new single "Long Way Down" from the album "Rescue Room" out now!

Texas and Barry Cheers lads! Great Craic!

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New Ireland Soccer Away Jersey

New Irish away Jersey!! A bit like a Nemo Rangers Jersey!!

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Blue - Green Light!!

Dutch traffic bosses have been left seeing red after someone altered a set of pedestrian lights to show a couple having sex.

Every time the light turns green in the town of Nimwegen, an illuminated image of a couple having sex flashes up, instead of the more traditional person walking.

And apparently the prank has been causing traffic congestion - because people want to see the risque image they're pressing the button, even when they don't want to cross.

Transport officials have now launched an investigation how the images was manipulated, with suspected computer hackery being top of the list.

A Town Hall spokesman said: "We are looking at who had access and opportunity"… presumably that will be cross-referenced with a list of people who have a good sense of humour.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A real Talent!!!

This is Jemma Pixie Hixon. Shes 20years old and suffers from Agrophobis, basically a fear of open spaces, but she is absolutley brilliant and this video is just a taste of her singing talent. Have a look and I've put her youtube page link below too :)


Just a Typical Monday Morning

What to do on a Monday morning in April when one of Europe's busiest roads is closed!


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nice one Angry Birds

Angry Birds has dominated the Appys - the first ever award ceremony to honour smartphone apps.

The game - which involves catapulting birds at pigs - won best overall app and best game.

The game's thought to have been downloaded 100 million times.

Other winners at the awards included Facebook, Spotify and Google Maps.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Amazing Animal Video

One of the most amazing videos in my opinion on ever recorded!

How Cool is this?

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New Bell X1

one of my favourite tunes of the year so far :)

their new album is "Bloodless Coup"

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jedward being attacked by dogs!!

Celebrity Juice video!!! What a brill show!

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Fast and Furious 5

I thought they'd finish this ages ago but heres one more.

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Deathly Hallows Part 2...First Draft

The final Harry Potter Film has mixed rumours at the moment but the most talked about is that they have to decide how to end the film. Obviously, they are going to finish the story as it is in the book but to finish the film series is still un-decided.

Heres the first look at the trailer for the Film.

hangover Part 2

Full Trailer of the film I cant wait to see :) and the trailer it self has been pulled from cinemas across the UK because its a bit........well have a look

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Show Jumping Cow?

A teenager whose parents refused to buy her a horse didn't give up her dream - she taught a cow to showjump instead.

Hours of training and tons of treats, cajoling and caresses later, the results of Regina Mayer's efforts with Luna are impressive.

The pair regularly go on long rides through the German countryside - and also hurdle over makeshift jumps created with beer crates and painted logs.

Regina, 15, who lives in Laufen, southern Germany, told The Sun: "She thinks she's a horse."

The pals started off with gentle walks after the animal was born on the Mayers' farm two years ago. Gradually Luna became accustomed to human contact and riding equipment.

And six months later, Regina was able to sit in her saddle for the first time.

Now, Luna understands commands such as 'go', 'stand' and 'gallop' - when she feels like it.

Regina said of her first ride: "She was really well behaved and walked normally. But after a couple of metres she wanted me to get off. You could see that she got a bit peeved.

"It's a lot of work, but I enjoy it. When she wants to do something she does it, when she doesn't, she doesn't. And she is often very headstrong but can also be really adorable."

Great Video of Drunk Baby

A video of a seemingly 'drunk' baby causing mayhem in a pub has become an internet phenomenon by notching up nearly seven million hits. Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyholm used his one-year-old daughter Helmi for the clip which has been posted on YouTube. Helmi is filmed downing a number of supposedly alcoholic beers and cocktails before stumbling around the shrunken bar set. She then steals food and drink from other pub goers, played by puppets, and ends up knocking a table over. The one-minute Youtube clip is the trailer for the short film 'Las Palmas' where a middle-aged lady - played by Helmi - goes on holiday to the capital of Gran Canaria. The full length version also apparently features Helmi smoking on a motorbike and asleep on the beach with a bottle of beer at her side. Las Palmas recently won Best Short Film and the Audience Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival despite not being fully finished. Nyholm said: "It's my daughter in the film and she was the inspiration - everything came from her. I've had all manner of reactions to it but most have been very positive. "There has been some criticism though - from using a small child in a film production to making fun of middle aged ladies and Las Palmas."


Where is Van Damme!!!!!

After watching Tropic Thunder recently with an all-star cast in such as Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise and Jack Black etc. some friends and I got chatting about action movies. Someone asked where the hell is Jean Claude Van Damme? There was a time in the late 80s early 90s you couldn't see an action movie without him in it!! And then almost as if out of no where, he disappears. Well heres the story!

Jean-Claude Van Damme is convinced he was blacklisted in Hollywood after demanding millions for his movies to rival Jim Carrey's pay cheques. The Belgian martial arts star was forced into an early retirement in the 1990s after he snubbed a major film deal in a bid to negotiate a more lucrative offer - only to have industry executives turn their back on him. And he admits a haze of alcohol and excess kept him from realising his error. Appearing on TV show Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors, he recalls, "After the movie Timecop, I received a huge offer for a three-picture deal and it was 12 million dollars per picture. That's 36 million dollars. I was wasted. I said, 'I want 20 million like Jim Carrey' and they hung up on me. I was not myself. I was completely f**ked up and I made a bad mistake and I was on the blacklist in Hollywood for years." Now the action star is turning down movie projects once again - so he can focus on training for his comeback fight against Thai boxer Somluck Kamsing in November. He adds, "Slowly they want me back for making those theatrical movies but now I've decided to fight. If I win that fight, which will be exceptional, it will bring me another 10 years of health. It's like a repair. So I'm very happy today where I am."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Irish People Still Love Radio :)

New research shows Irish people are still in love with radio, despite the massive growth of digital devices such as iPods and the internet. The study, commissioned by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, showed that 95% of respondents said they listened to the radio that day, with two thirds tuning in for more than two hours. Almost three quarters are tuning in for news and information, 69% for music and more than a third for companionship. Eight times more respondents say they sourced news on the radio rather than in a newspaper. A total of 64% said they are using Facebook while listening to the radio, with 19% said they are on Twitter at the same time."This survey confirms the strength of Irish radio and its dominance as an important source of both information and entertainment for the Irish public," said Scott Williams, chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland."Despite the plethora of new media devices, the love affair between Irish radio and the listening public continues. Some 95% of these people listen to the radio every day, with two thirds tuning in for two or more hours on a daily basis. Radio is perceived as offering the human touch, helping to shape the moods and rhythm of the day”."We are seeing people listening to radio while online and are being prompted to act by what they hear. The power of radio to drive people online to search for products or information is hugely significant for advertisers and highlights the importance of integrating radio and online advertising campaigns. "Radio stations have been quick to recognise the potential of the internet and social media and we must continue to capitalise on the growth opportunities it presents for our sector." Read more:

Raw Talent!!

One of the coolest videos I've seen in a long time!! No matter anyone says, this is Talent!!!

Andrew. :)

New Michael Jackson Song

This song from his posthumous album, "Breaking News". I like it but listen to it and you'll hear something very familiar at the very start :)

HollyWood Tonight is out on Arpil 8th:

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I love this tune

I was gonna put the video from "UP" but its just so sad :( so here Jamie doing it accoustically in a studio! Great Song!

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