Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Irish People Still Love Radio :)

New research shows Irish people are still in love with radio, despite the massive growth of digital devices such as iPods and the internet. The study, commissioned by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, showed that 95% of respondents said they listened to the radio that day, with two thirds tuning in for more than two hours. Almost three quarters are tuning in for news and information, 69% for music and more than a third for companionship. Eight times more respondents say they sourced news on the radio rather than in a newspaper. A total of 64% said they are using Facebook while listening to the radio, with 19% said they are on Twitter at the same time."This survey confirms the strength of Irish radio and its dominance as an important source of both information and entertainment for the Irish public," said Scott Williams, chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland."Despite the plethora of new media devices, the love affair between Irish radio and the listening public continues. Some 95% of these people listen to the radio every day, with two thirds tuning in for two or more hours on a daily basis. Radio is perceived as offering the human touch, helping to shape the moods and rhythm of the day”."We are seeing people listening to radio while online and are being prompted to act by what they hear. The power of radio to drive people online to search for products or information is hugely significant for advertisers and highlights the importance of integrating radio and online advertising campaigns. "Radio stations have been quick to recognise the potential of the internet and social media and we must continue to capitalise on the growth opportunities it presents for our sector." Read more:

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