Thursday, December 30, 2010

New MJ show causing a storm

Officials in charge of Michael Jackson's estate are reported to be asking a TV network to cancel a programme re-enacting the singer's autopsy - calling it "in shockingly bad taste".

The show, 'Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson' is set to air across the Discovery Channel in Europe next month.

A letter sent to the network claims the decision to even schedule the programme is motivated by a "desire to exploit Michael's death".

Friends One Hour Special

Theres been huge speculation for a couple of years now, as to whether or not there will be a Friends movie. I've read that "this actor wants to do it and can't wait!". And I've read that "that actor dooesn't want a movie due to money issues!" Whatever the real truth is, we know one thing. IT HASN'T HAPPEND!! However recently it was confirmed somewhere on the magical WWW that three of the cast think a once off one hour special would be a great idea.

We would get to see what life has been like for the cast and characters over the last number of years and it would be set at thanksgiving. To be fair the most memorable of Friends episodes are set at thanksgiving.

But Matt Le Blanc AKA Joey:

Thinks it would 'sad' for them to get back together. It would having to break up again!!

Heres the actual story.
Former Friends star Matt le Blanc says resurrecting the TV hit smash for a reunion show would be "sad."

He says Friends was magical and that he feels fortunate to have been a part of it.

But he reckons it would be better just to "imagine" what the characters are getting up to.

Three of his fellow stars have expressed an interest in a one-off show that would be set at Thanksgiving.

2010 in Music

I wanted to come on here and write a review of the music year in 2010, because there really have been some unreal tunes, both on the radio and in clubs!

But instead:

Hes done again, DJ Earworm United State of Pop 2010, it shows a great year for music!

This is brilliant!!

Andrew :)

Homer gets Ripped off by Usher?

SO Usher is getting an awful doing because they're are people left right and centre, accusing him of ripping off their music. Now Homer Simspon has joined in and says he came up with OMG first, back in a 2003 Christmas Epsiode.

Judge for yourself :)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mad Scientist

Read this and tell me the guy isn't himself eating magic mushrooms haha!!

Reindeer fly - on magic mushrooms

A scientist claims reindeer deliberately eat magic mushrooms to escape the monotony of dreary long winters.

Andrew Haynes believes the animals seek out the mind-bending fly agaric fungi in the wild.

Writing in the respected Pharmaceutical Journal, Mr Haynes said: "They have a desire to experience altered states of consciousness.

"For humans a common side-effect of mushrooms is the feeling of flying, so it's interesting the legend about Santa's reindeer is they can fly."

He also said herdsmen drink the reindeer's urine to get high themselves.


Andrew. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roads Update

Tuesday 21st December 3:30 Kerry Community Transport Update

The following services are cancelled

· Scartaglin, Castleisland to Tralee

· Brosna to Tralee

· Blackwater to Kenmare

· Gneevguilla to Killarney

· Listowel Day Care

Kerry Community Transport is asking all intending passengers to contact the office on 1890 528 528.

Kerry Community Transport are also trying to reschedule all cancelled services in advance of Friday so please call the office for the most up to date information.

Due to the cancellation of a lot of community buses, Kerry Community Transport is asking members of the community to call in on neighbours to see if they have enough shopping and supplies for this cold and difficult period

Killarney to fossa to Kilorglin very icey

Caherciveen at a standstill

Waterville to Ina Bridge very dodgy take care

and Abbeydourney to Ballyduff very slippery

Mountain Stage area very dangerous

and the Kells area visabilty is a low due to heavy snow fall


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kerry Christmas Appeal Day2

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 1 of the Kerry Christmas Appeal live Radio Auction!

Its been Day1 of the Radio Kerry, Kerry Christmas Appeal 2010! We've done this for the last number of years and have so far raised thousands of Euro for the needy people in County Kerry. Its a live auction on the radio across 2days and we auction off items donated from various businesses around the county. (and I find it a great way of doing the christmas shopping)


Brilliant Pics that Just Happen

You know those amazing holiday pictures, when after you get back from the hols, you get them developed and all of of sudden you notice things that you wouldn't have seen before. Well I think the photo below is one just like that! Its amazing.

A backpacker has revealed an amazing photograph apparently capturing a snorkeller with the head of a fish.

The optical illusion was caused when a fish swam in front of the snorkeller in tropical seas off Thailand.

Nick Kelly, 29, from Los Angeles, caught the one-on-a-million moment.

He said: "I was travelling around south east Asia and was staying on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand to study Muay Thai.

"I went snorkelling with a friend and took lots of pictures of the amazing sea life, but this was the best one.

"I didn't really notice until back on the beach but the fish had completely stolen the shot."


Monday, December 13, 2010

X Factor Final 2010


So Matt Cardle is the champ for 2010 and fair play to him. I was actually genuinely gutted for One Direction because lets face facts, they are going to be huge!!! And the fact that Simon was their mentor and a group had never won the show, all the ingrediants were there. However I have a feeling that not winning the X Factor is only going to make them bigger than they could have expected. (just look at JLS)

Cher Lloyd too will have a big music career ahead, shes a unique performer so I think that will stand to her.

Rebecca though I don't know what to make of her. I've no doubt she'll have an album out and it will be huge and I'll defo be buying it, but I worry for her after the first album! What is she gonna do then? By the way her winning song should have been wicked game in my opinion, that would have blown Matt's biffy Clyro song out of the water.

And heres the results week by week as they came in! We now know that Matt won every week bar week onew when Mary Byrne topped the pole.

In full, the X Factor 2010 voting stats:

Final 12 placeholder - Nicolo Festa
Week 1

Mary Byrne 22.28%
Matt Cardle - 15.14%
Cher Lloyd - 10.31%
One Direction - 10.04%
Aiden Grimshaw - 9.78%
Rebecca Ferguson - 6.51%
Paije Richardson - 5.83%
Treyc Cohen - 4.82%
John Adeleye - 2.46%
Diva Fever - 2.28%
Belle Amie - 2.13%
Wagner Carillho - 1.91%
Storm Lee - 1.89%
Katie Waissel - 1.55%
FYD 1.71%
Nicolo Festa 1.51%

X Factor Week 2: Diva Fever
Week 2

Matt Cardle - 24.39%
Mary Byrne - 18.55%
Cher Lloyd - 7.17%
One Direction - 9.84%
Aiden Grimshaw - 8.82%
Rebecca Ferguson - 7.99%
John Adeleye - 4..50%
Katie Waissel - 4.30%
Paije Richardson - 3.80%
Treyc Cohen - 2.82%
Wagner Carillho - 2.47%
Belle Amie - 1.86%
Diva Fever - 2.05%
Storm Lee - 1.44%

X Factor Week 2: John Adeleye
Week 3

Matt Cardle - 24.39%
Mary Byrne - 13.92%
One Direction - 11.08%
Cher Lloyd - 9.12%
Rebecca Ferguson - 8.46%
Aiden Grimshaw - 6.58%
Paije Richardson - 6.10%
Katie Waissel - 5.95%
Wagner Carillho - 4.50%
Belle Amie - 4.15%
Treyc Cohen - 2.39%
John Adeleye - 3.78%

X Factor Week 4: Belle Amie
Week 4

Matt Cardle - 20.60%
Cher Lloyd - 19.72%
Mary Byrne - 11.98%
One Direction - 11.79%
Rebecca Ferguson - 9.79%
Aiden Grimshaw - 6.70%
Paije Richardson - 6.22%
Wagner Carillho - 4.77%
Treyc Cohen - 3.14%
Katie Waissel - 2.73%
Belle Amie - 2.56%

X Factor Week 4: Treyc Cohen
Week 5

Matt Cardle - 33.41%
Rebecca Ferguson - 12.80%
One Direction - 12.13%
Mary Byrne - 12.02%
Cher Lloyd - 7.64%
Aiden Grimshaw - 5.85%
Paije Richardson - 5.19%
Wagner Carillho - 4.21%
Katie Waissel - 3.22%
Treyc Cohen - 3.53%

X Factor Week 6: Aiden Grimshaw
Week 6

Matt Cardle - 23.16%
Rebecca Ferguson - 18.24%
One Direction - 14.44%
Mary Byrne - 10.66%
Cher Lloyd - 8.88%
Paije Richardson - 8.02%
Wagner Carillho - 6.30%
Katie Waissel - 5.29%
Aiden Grimshaw - 5.01%

X Factor Week 7: Paije Richardson
Week 7

Matt Cardle - 18.44%
Katie Waissel - 16.82%
Rebecca Ferguson - 12.85%
One Direction - 12.65%
Mary Byrne - 11.97%
Wagner Carillho - 9.90%
Cher Lloyd - 8.00%
Paije Richardson - 9.37%

X Factor Week 8: Wagner Carrilho's 2nd Performance
Week 8

Matt Cardle - 31.95%
Rebecca Ferguson - 13.98%
Cher Lloyd - 13.19%
One Direction - 11.90%
Mary Byrne - 11.29%
Wagner Carrilho - 10.48%
Katie Waissel - 7.21%

X Factor Week 9: Mary Byrne

Matt Cardle - 35.84%
Rebecca Ferguson - 20.22%
One Direction - 17.38%
Cher Lloyd - 11.57%
Mary Byrne - 14.99%

X Factor Week 10: Cher Lloyd
Final - Freeze One

Matt Cardle - 39.92%
Rebecca Ferguson - 25.71%
One Direction - 17.38%
Cher Lloyd - 15.83%

X Factor 2010 Final: One Direction
Final - Freeze Two

Matt Cardle - 39.83%
Rebecca Ferguson - 32.80%
One Direction - 18.54%

X Factor Week 10: Matt Cardle and Rihanna

Matt Cardle - 44.61% - The Winner!
Rebecca Ferguson - 38.63%

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is Outstanding

Mashup Germany's new mix is incredible have a listen :)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Things We didn't know this time last week

Our Calendar Girl Retires

She Been in the office for the last year or so but shes now out of Date so we had to take her down, and are now on the look out for a new one :)

Christmas Finally Here

This weekend Ais and I put up the Christmas Decorations! (Well she did while I was fast asleep but shhhh) and so far so good with the lights and the whole thing

Photos around the World from the Weekend

Barbie hits the news for the wrond reasons

This week there was a double whammy for Barbie!!

1st up:
Barbie makers to sue over lesbian calendar

Barbie manufacturers are to sue artists who have created a nude calender of the top selling doll showing her in lesbian poses.

Creators Breno Costa and Guilherme Souza, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, claim they made the bizarre calender with the co-operation of toy-makers Matchbox, owned by Barbie's creators Matell.

Some months show the doll simply nude, while others use shots of Barbie posing intimately with another female doll.
Artists Costa and Souza claim the calender is a comment on how sex is used to sell everything in society.

But Matell's European spokeswoman Dr Stephanie Wegener said: "We have nothing to do with these pictures.

"We don't want Barbie portrayed in this way, especially with our logo. We will be taking legal action against the creators."

And then:

THE FBI IS WARNING THAT a new Barbie could facilitate child pornography, according to Boing Boing.

The new Video Girl Barbie, which has been available since July, comes with a camera and microphone built into the doll’s chest.

The video feeds to a small screen at the back of the doll.

It also comes with editing software, and has a USB port at the back to the recording can be played back on a TV or computer screen.

CNN reports that Barbie manufacturer Mattel has released a statement emphasising that the FBI has not reported any incidents and says child safety is one of the company’s priorities.

After conducting an in-house test, CNN said some people were unaware the doll actually had a camera in its chest.

The doll was first presented to the public at the American International Toy Fair in New York last February, and can be bought for about €56.

Andrex Puppy is no more

This week I read a story on air on the show about the Andrex puppy. The sales people and production company behind the product, decided that it was time to get rid of the Andrex puppy labrador from the advert and replace it with a computer generated 3D image, Personally when reading the story I thought to myself, "Nah they can't do this, it's iconic and people just won't warm to the idea"! And you know what? I was right ( I hope). The new advert is terrible in my opinion and its a complete mis-representation of the cute little impact puppy we've seen for years.

Heres the Story and some funny bits (click above):

One of the best loved television animals, the Andrex puppy, is being replaced with a digital version after almost 40 years.

The Labrador retriever, which has been a fixture on screens since 1972, is being revamped in a new £15m advertising campaign.

Andrew manufacturer Kimberly Clark has confirmed the new ads will star a computer generated image instead of using a real-life puppy.

The puppy has been digitally recreated using the movements, mannerisms and 'personalities' of thousands of puppies studied by animators over the past six months.

In the Andrex adverts, the Labrador is joined for the first time by British Bulldog and Dalmatian puppies in a digital "puppy world".

The commercial then depicts the dog playing with its 'friends', eating and sleeping in what was billed as showing how 'the little things' make a difference to his life.

The adverts, which have been shrouded in secrecy for months, were created by advertising agency, JWT, the firm who devised original mascot.

Jon White, marketing director for Kimberly Clark Europe, said while the puppy had a "huge and loyal following", the company was "refreshing" the brand.

Mr White denied introducing CGI was a cost-cutting exercise. He said the puppy would still appear on tissue packaging.

"We really believe we've given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character," he said.

Gary Lineker S**t hinself :)

England legend Gary Lineker has admitted that he pooed himself during a match at the 1990 World Cup.

It happened during the opening game of the tournament in Italy against the Republic of Ireland and was first made public in Terry Butcher's autobiography.

But Lineker has now come clean and admitted the incident did take place during the second half of the match against the Irish, which finished 1-1.

"I was not very well, I was poorly at half-time, there was a ball down the left-hand side, I tried to tackle someone, stretched, and then relaxed myself," he admitted in a interview with the BBC to mark his 50th birthday.

"I was very fortunate it rained that night as it allowed me to do something about it, but it was messy - it just happened.

"I tell you I have never had so much space in a match as I did after that," he joked in the interview, which has been posted on YouTube.

Lineker played 80 times for England and scored 48 goals, including one against Ireland in the match in question, before his unfortunate accident took place.

2fm Article

This was a very interesting article in the weekend's Irish Independent!

I'm inclined to agree with it to be honest because in my personal opinion they're some presenters on the new 2fm schedule that not only are they terrible at the job but they also are stopping genuine radio talent coming through!

Sour grapes much? haha :P read on...

In RTÉ, it looks like video is still killing the radio stars (Irish Independent)

'Come Together', it says above pictures of the well-known faces. But a new promotional campaign for 2fm has resulted in anything other than togetherness at the national music station.

Shot five weeks ago in Ardmore Studios in Bray, the promo features RTÉ's management's favourite stars standing heroically behind new 2fm kingpin Ryan Tubridy.

These include Lucy Kennedy and Baz Ashmawy as Indiana Jones-style adventurers, Colm Hayes as Phileas Fogg and Hector Ó hEochagáin with painted face, it's claimed, "being himself".

Positioned furthest out in the line-up, station legends Larry Gogan and Dave Fanning appear as pilots with Zig & Zag around their mid-riffs.

But questions have been asked as to why Lucy Kennedy and Baz Ashmawy, both weekend co-presenters on 2fm, feature so prominently in the new campaign.

And why Larry Gogan and Dave Fanning, arguably two of the most popular weekday presenters, not just on 2fm, but on Irish radio, are so pushed out to the sides?

The pair appear only fleetingly in the accompanying TV ad and don't feature at all in small posters for the campaign.

However, Larry and Dave should consider themselves lucky.

Five other 2fm presenters, who between them are on air for 12 hours each weekday -- precisely half 2fm's daily output -- don't feature in the campaign at all.

Just what is going on?

The answer it seems is TV. The best way to get ahead on RTÉ Radio these days, is to be on TV.

"2fm are desperate to attract new listeners to the station and believe that well-known voices from TV like Hector, Lucy and Baz are the best way of getting people to tune in," said an RTÉ source.

So desperate is the broadcaster that in recent days the station has been buying spots for the 2fm promo on rival station TV3 during shows such as The X Factor. Commenting, an RTÉ spokesman said the focus of the new 2fm TV ad was on the station's new presenters.

"Future executions will have different emphasis and goals and use different presenters. RTÉ fully recognise the popularity and legendary status of Larry Gogan and Dave Fanning, that's why they are on the ads. Dave and Larry have featured prominently in previous campaigns. RTÉ have had a hugely positive response to the new ad."

Music on the 2fm 'Come Together' promo is by Irish band Bi-Polar Empire.