Monday, December 6, 2010

Andrex Puppy is no more

This week I read a story on air on the show about the Andrex puppy. The sales people and production company behind the product, decided that it was time to get rid of the Andrex puppy labrador from the advert and replace it with a computer generated 3D image, Personally when reading the story I thought to myself, "Nah they can't do this, it's iconic and people just won't warm to the idea"! And you know what? I was right ( I hope). The new advert is terrible in my opinion and its a complete mis-representation of the cute little impact puppy we've seen for years.

Heres the Story and some funny bits (click above):

One of the best loved television animals, the Andrex puppy, is being replaced with a digital version after almost 40 years.

The Labrador retriever, which has been a fixture on screens since 1972, is being revamped in a new £15m advertising campaign.

Andrew manufacturer Kimberly Clark has confirmed the new ads will star a computer generated image instead of using a real-life puppy.

The puppy has been digitally recreated using the movements, mannerisms and 'personalities' of thousands of puppies studied by animators over the past six months.

In the Andrex adverts, the Labrador is joined for the first time by British Bulldog and Dalmatian puppies in a digital "puppy world".

The commercial then depicts the dog playing with its 'friends', eating and sleeping in what was billed as showing how 'the little things' make a difference to his life.

The adverts, which have been shrouded in secrecy for months, were created by advertising agency, JWT, the firm who devised original mascot.

Jon White, marketing director for Kimberly Clark Europe, said while the puppy had a "huge and loyal following", the company was "refreshing" the brand.

Mr White denied introducing CGI was a cost-cutting exercise. He said the puppy would still appear on tissue packaging.

"We really believe we've given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character," he said.

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