Friday, July 29, 2011

This is Real!! REALLY!!!

Ok, I do feel sorry for these girls, because t=its just wrong. They are there trying to enjoy a summer away from home and some perv videos them as they go about daily life.

(they are hot) but its no excuse :)


Longest Motor Bike EVER!!!

Colin Furze's 72ft motorbike can seat 25 – and what's more he's proved it can be driven at speeds of 35mph.

Admittedly only Mr Furze was on the bike at the time of the test drive, but with a few suspension modifications it's possible he could load up with passengers.

At the head of the bike, he used one-and-a-half 125cc mopeds and an extended aluminium frame to create the machine. He is hoping it will be recognised as the world's longest motorbike by the Guinness Book of Records.

He managed to get the bike, which is worth around €4,000, up to 35mph, but found it almost impossible to steer.

To make it into the record books, Colin had to drive the bike 100 metres, but amazingly he managed to ride more than a mile.

He will now send the video along with signed witness statements to Guinness World of Records, so they can verify it.

Colin already holds the world record for the fastest mobility scooter, which he built to go at a remarkable 71mph.

'This motorbike was so heavy and difficult to drive I think it would be impossible to make a longer bike. I think this record will stand for a very long time," he added.

According to Guinness World of Records the longest motorbike in the world until now was 14 metres.

Andrew. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Very Lucky Woman

This Woman Lost control of her car and had to sit in it all night and hope that someone would rescue her. She was spotted by a jogger the next morning.

Andrew. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Kanyu Tree at Radio Kerry

The Kanyu Tree popped into studio today.

Andrew. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Banned? Really? Bit Harsh!!!

A footballer who shot to internet fame after scoring a cheeky back-heel penalty for UAE in their clash with Lebanon, may now be punished for it.

Awana Diab instantly became one the most watched footballers in the world after his unorthodox spot kick at the weekend.

But while many internet viewers were impressed by the goal - after which he was issued a yellow card - it went down less well with his team manager who branded it 'disrespectful'.

And it's now been reported that the 21-year-old Baniyas midfielder could be banned from playing for UAE or fined for his actions…

Thats very Harsh!!!

Andrew. :)

Happy Moon Landing Day

Its been voted the most iconic photo of all time.

The image of astronaut Buzz Aldrin standing next to the US flag during the moon landing have been named as the most iconic photographs of the past century.

Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper - which was taken by Charles C. Ebbets during construction of the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center in New York - came in third.

Other popular photographs included The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ Cover, Marilyn Monroe ‘Billowing’ White Dress from The Seven Year Itch and Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out.

Andrew. :)

Traffic is mental

I've been to Rome and traffic is mental. As in, you really would want to have your wits about you when crossing the road and looking left and right because they'll just keep going like and will not slow down.

However that's nothing like Vietnam. Watch this crazy bastard :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two and A Half Nudey Men

Two and a Half Men returns on September 19 at 9.30pm on CBS.

No idea when it hits our screens but surely not long after.

Andrew. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brilliant Parody

Laughed My Ass off watching this :)


Streaker with a WEDDING DRESS???

I now pronounce you ... arrested for trespassing?

A honeymoon in the hoosegow was likely on tap for this male Atlanta Braves fan after he ran onto Turner Field in a wedding dress. The incident occurred during Saturday's 5-2 loss to the Washington Nationals and provided the home crowd of 42,456 people with one of its only reasons to cheer all night.

Though the bride was quickly divorced from his dash by ballpark security, the lessons from the incident were clear: If you want to separate yourself from all the other buffoons who interrupt baseball games these days, it helps to be dressed as a woman on her wedding day.

It also helps to wear appropriate footwear:

"That was a pretty good open -field tackle, too [by security]," Nats manager Davey Johnson told the Washington Post. "I'm just wondering was he getting married, or is he going to the wedding or coming from it. I don't know."

There's no official video on this one — the league presumably doesn't want to encourage any copybrides — nor are there any clear videos on the YouTubes.

YouTube, however, does have plenty of post-dash hee-hawing from excited and camera-toting Southerners, so it's definitely worth a search.

Anyone know how to remove grass stains from virgin white?

Kung Fu Soccer/Volleyball

This is em......interesting and looks like some craic.

Andrew. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I could do that............haha

Andrew. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

How Bad

Pippa Midleton's Bum Recreated using Crumpets.

An artist has immortalised the famous derriere of Pippa Middleton using the classic medium of Marmite and crumpets… just like Leonardo da Vinci would have done.

Laura Hadland hired a team of more than a dozen people to help her spread different shades of butter, jam and Marmite on 15,000 crumpets and then position them.

The resulting artwork - featuring a close-up of Pippa’s face and a ‘cheeky’ recreation of the now infamous backside shot - measures 13m x 20m and took 24 hours to complete.

Laura recreated the iconic royal wedding day picture after Pippa topped a poll to find the woman Brits would most like to 'wake up to breakfast with'… though presumably they didn't mean a 13m tall crumpet version.

Andrew. :)


Ladies and (but more importantly) gentlemen. I present the greatest and most manly website you'll ever view. :)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Just played this on the show..............great tune :P



This guy was making an instructional video on the safety use of gun and this happend :)


So, heres a lesson! Don't mess with this woman!!!!

A Russian man who tried to rob a hair salon ended up as the victim when the female shop owner overpowered him, tied him up naked and then used him as a sex slave for three days.

Viktor Jasinski, 32, admitted to police that he had gone to the salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, with the intention of robbing it.

But the tables were turned dramatically when he found himself overcome by owner Olga Zajac, 28, who happened to be a black belt in karate.

She allegedly floored the would-be robber with a single kick.

Then, in a scene reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, police say Zajac dragged the semi-conscious Jasinski to a back room of the salon and tied him up with a hair dryer cable.

She allegedly stripped him naked and, for the next three days, used him as a sex slave to 'teach him a lesson' - force feeding him Viagra to keep the lesson going.

The would-be robber was eventually released, with Zajak saying he had learned his lesson.

Jasinski went straight to the police and told them of his back-room ordeal, saying that he had been held hostage, handcuffed naked to a radiator, and fed nothing but Viagra.

Both have now been arrested.

When police arrived to question Zahjac, she said: 'What a bastard. Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left."


Andrew. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Radio DJ Hostess Fail live on THE AIR !

Radio DJ Hostess Fail live on THE AIR !


If there's one thing more embarrassing than having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're watching, it's got to be having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're taking part in.

Just ask French tennis ace Alize Cornet, this exact thing happened to her as she was taking on world number one Caroline Wozniacki at a recent WTA event in Bastad, Sweden.

To make matters worse, it was match point when the then mystery phone started ringing and Wozniacki looked around in a bid to identify the inconsiderate tennis fan before serving.

Then she realised it was her rival who'd left her phone on in her kit bag
at the side of the court and started laughing as Cornet sheepishly made her way to turn it off.

Andrew. :)

Fair Play to Him

It's Sweden v North Korea at the women's World Cup, nothing much can happen to spark the public interest can it, right?

Wrong! Sweden's Josefine Öqvist swapped shirts with a German fan after the game and instantly became one of YouTube's most viewed people in the process.

In the resulting footage, - shot after Sweden won 1-0 - the 27-year-old blonde player can be seen chatting to fans. One of who is wearing a German shirt and asks her to swap.

After an initial moment of hesitation, during which time he'd removed his shirt, Öqvist did the same (though she was wearing a black sports bra, he wasn't) they then exchanged shirts.

Andrew. :)

Cheetah Showing His Stuff

San Diego Zoo Safari Park have started putting on daily blink-and-you'll-miss-it Cheetah Runs where the big cats show their speed by running from 0 -70mph in just four seconds.

Once a day visitors will be able to watch one of the three cheetahs there -- Amara, Johari and Shiley -- show off their impressive speed.

They will each chase their favourite toy which will be mechanically pulled along the 330-foot track in front of a visitor viewing area.

Organisers say: "If you're close enough, you may feel the wind as the cheetah passes by. The spotted sprinter races on a straight 330-foot-long track that allows the cheetah to really stretch its legs"

The event is said to take place at 5.00pm each day… and at those speeds is probably over by 5.00pm and six seconds.

Andrew. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its Coming back!!!!

Look What they're bringing back :)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Biggest Burger - YOCK!!!!!!!

America can once again proudly call itself home to the world's largest hamburger -- after a monster weighing 777lbs was created in California.

A team of 10 people spent 13 hours just cooking the meat for this gargantuan burger which was flipped every hour and produced at the Alameda County Fair.

The meat-feast surpassed the previous record of 590lbs and was topped off with a 110lb bun, 20lbs of onions, 12lbs of pickles and 30lbs of lettuce.

Organisers say the whopper contained around 1,375,000 calories -- almost enough to feed one person for two years -- and bits of it were sold off to raise money for charity.

Looks horrible doesn't it???

Andrew. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Very Sad, but IRONIC!!!

A biker who was taking part in a protest ride against mandatory helmet laws has died… after crashing and hitting his head on the pavement.

Philip Contos had been riding in a New York anti-helmet rally when the accident happened and he flew over the handlebars of his Harley-Davidson.

He hit his head and though the 55-year-old was taken to hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival having suffered a fractured skull.

The bike-fan had been taking part in the event backed by an organisation which encourages the voluntary use of helmets but opposes mandatory helmet laws.

And yes, police say the chances are Contos could have survived the accident had he been wearing a helmet. Talk about an ironic way to go.


French rollerblader Taig Khris has set a new world record after completing a 29m jump in front of Paris' Sacre Coeur Basilica.

The 35-year-old sped down a 150-metre long ramp before being launched into the air and flying toward a landing ramp and inflatable cushion.

On his initial jump Khris managed to jump 28.4m (breaking the previous record of 24m) but cheered on by the crowd he had another go and this time reached 29m.

Okay so he didn't stay on his feet for long after landing, but it's still considerably better than we could have done. Though it does look like fun… where can we find a 150-metre long ramp?

Andrew. :)

I could do that :)

A reigning champion has proved he's top dog when it comes to eating hot dogs.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut has won an eating competition in the States for the 5th year in a row.

The 27 year old from California managed 62 hot dogs in just 10 minutes to win the ten thousand dollar prize.

Andrew. :)

Monday, July 4, 2011


So while listening to a Radio Station this morning (98fm Dublin Ireland) they were talking about the Script gig at the weekend. And landed the bombshell the Script's Danny and Mark used to be in a boyband MyTown :)

Heres one of their vids:

Andrew. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Eat ur Music

A Scottish band have released what's thought to be the world's first edible and playable chocolate record. And it's said to taste as good as it sounds.

Edinburgh-based three-piece 'Found' worked with a local baker to produce the chocolate disk version of their single 'Anti Climb Paint' which can be played in any record player.

After several weeks of trial and error, baker Ben Milne was able to make the working chocolate record by using the same negative metal templates used to produce vinyl versions.

While you will only get around ten 'recognisable' plays out of the record before it wears down, you can always munch it. And even the sleeve and label are edible having been made from rice paper and icing sugar respectively.

Andrew. :)

Em....Yes Please :)

A cash-strapped woman's football team is hoping to draw the crowds - by playing their next game in bikinis.

Members of the FC Rossiyanka team, from Krasnoarmeysk near Moscow, have already done a pre-publicity shoot to promote the event.

Coach Tatyana Egorova said: "We are the best woman's team in Russia and have won many championships, even representing our country in the UEFA Champions League.

"But few people have ever heard of us and we don't get many people coming to games so we've decided to give our profile a boost by appearing in bikinis.

"We hope it will also improve the numbers of tickets we sell. We think it's a good idea - our players are beautiful, great athletes and determined to win."

Andrew. ;)

Vanessa Amorosi

Played this song yesterday, always nice on a sunny day :)