Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Streaker with a WEDDING DRESS???

I now pronounce you ... arrested for trespassing?

A honeymoon in the hoosegow was likely on tap for this male Atlanta Braves fan after he ran onto Turner Field in a wedding dress. The incident occurred during Saturday's 5-2 loss to the Washington Nationals and provided the home crowd of 42,456 people with one of its only reasons to cheer all night.

Though the bride was quickly divorced from his dash by ballpark security, the lessons from the incident were clear: If you want to separate yourself from all the other buffoons who interrupt baseball games these days, it helps to be dressed as a woman on her wedding day.

It also helps to wear appropriate footwear:

"That was a pretty good open -field tackle, too [by security]," Nats manager Davey Johnson told the Washington Post. "I'm just wondering was he getting married, or is he going to the wedding or coming from it. I don't know."

There's no official video on this one — the league presumably doesn't want to encourage any copybrides — nor are there any clear videos on the YouTubes.

YouTube, however, does have plenty of post-dash hee-hawing from excited and camera-toting Southerners, so it's definitely worth a search.

Anyone know how to remove grass stains from virgin white?

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