Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things Men and Women can and can't do!!


Wear the same pair of pants for an entire week

wait for the ads to come on before starting a conversation

Survive his entire life with just 3 pairs of shoes

when faced with a decision make it within 60seconds

walk to the shop with a list of items to buy! Buy those items and nothing else all within 10minutes

Parallel park a car he's never driven before into a tight spot in one go

read a book without nagging someone else into reading it

shut up when nothing else needs to be said

Multi-task and not moan about it

justify buying more shoes

enjoy going to weddings

can go shopping while the All -Ireland final is on and not care whats going on

put on make up while driving

iron pants without burning them

fit loads of stuff in a small freezer

Monday, July 19, 2010


So our second live show was on last night July 18th and it was one of the best shows I've been apart of since we started last year. We had a really good rehearsal but the show it self blew it right out of the water.

Our line up was:

MARIE WOULFE (finalist)

outstanding night in front of a sell out crowd and we're hoping for much the same next week.

here are some photos I took from the Sound/Light control room I used my phone for them so they are quite bad but you get the image of what goes on.

Thanks as well to this week's guest judge Michael Healy Rae he was brilliant.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Toilet Car!!

Have you ever been on a long journey and your in full flow completley concentrated on the road and all of a sudden...........BANG!!!! you need to take a leak and you know deep down inside that if you break the seal you're gonna wanna go again in a half hour and so on etc. etc.....

Well heres a solution to that problem :)

It has my vote anyway.


It's Finally Happend!!!

Well the news that fans have been waiting for for years since Take That decided to go again, has been released and confirmed ROBBIE WILLIAMS HAS REJOINED TAKE THAT.

They stand to make over €20million each and after other single and appearance commitments......2011 THEY WILL BE TOURING ONCE AGAIN..........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vuvuzela's Uses

Marian Flowerpot
in many ways the shape of the stadium horn would make it an idea potting device. Ideal for long stemmed plants such as tulips or even roses it could well be a secondary use that would help everyone in the garden.

tim, castlegregory
burn all the vuvuzulas

Danny says 3. Petrol funnel.

Bring the Bu bu zalas to Radio Kerry for the 21st next year. Bridie.

Hi andrew as far as I no da vuvu zelas are also used for all local mathes . It's a normal thing over in south Africa

How about gather them all together and shove them down the pipeline in the Gulf to stop the oil leak! Never to be heard from again! :)

Andrew john kelly from cromane Thats a class album angles is class on it

Ethan If you had really annoying neighbours I always wondered what it would be like to celotape one to a car exhaust ?

Hi andrew i use my for calling da sheep up da mountain to feed them and it works eddie o sullivan templenoe

Use it as a beer bong! Dats wat dey were using it as up in oxegen!! Anthony

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Everton Jersey whoops!!!

so this is the new Everton away strip for the new season haha

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sylvestor Stallone's arm???

Its weird looking isnt it...........


Well done to all in last nights Kerry's Got Talent 2010 semi final 1. I was meant to take photos on the night but becuase I was very busy and Important I couldn't do it. But I will next week.

Our line up was:









It was a cracker of an opening show and we'll do it all again next week! I've the list of who is performing next sunday, on today's show and I'll tell ya all about last night.

Tickets for the Grand Final are on sale from today as well from Radio Kerry Studios in Tralee and you can call us on 066 712 36 66

Next Sunday July 18th tickets also on sale now..... call Siamsa Tire box office on 066 712 30 55 or log onto

Friday, July 9, 2010

How to get Rid of Moths

* Tidy up. Before you start cleaning the areas where moths are present, make sure you remove all the clothes in your closet, the food boxes, kitchen utensils and the products in your kitchen. Remove the shoes in your shoe rack.

* Hoover and wash. Clean the area as best you can by vacuuming all surfaces. Vacuum your carpets, cabinets, shelves and walls. Hard surfaces must be dealt with using a scrub and a mixture of detergent and hot water. Scrubbing is an important part of the whole cleaning process because this way, you scratch the larva off the walls, cabinets and other surfaces. After scrubbing, rinse the surfaces with vinegar . You can spray or wipe the surfaces with it. Some shelves can be removed. Take some time to pull them out and scrub the walls and edges. Whatever surface that comes in contact with food must be cleaned thoroughly.

* Throw it out! Any food item infested by moths should be thrown away, especially grain-based food groups, which are a favorite of moths. In the mean time, say goodbye to your tea, flour, raisins and nuts, even if these are sealed properly. You don't want to eat moth larva, do you?

* fly swatter Be thorough. It helps a lot to be thorough in cleaning surfaces and walls because a single larva can make your cleaning efforts go back to zero. Clean your food containers with vinegar or detergent solution.

* Trap the moths. If you see moths flying, kill them with a fly swatter. Using a moth trap will also make your job easier. Local home improvement shops offer products that help you get rid of moths. If you do not have time to shop, you can purchase products online.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is Too true!!

Songs that sound Similar!!!

I did this on yesterday's show after hearing about Men at work and having to pay out royalties for copying another song I had the idea of this and these are suggestions I got by text and email :)

Save the Planet?

Here's one way to stop global warming and save the planet's atmosphere....(kinda).....


Scientists say that feeding curry to sheep could help save the planet - by reducing methane emissions.

Researchers found that coriander and turmeric can reduce the amount of methane produced by sheep by up to 40%.

The spices, traditionally used in curry, were found to kill the "bad" bacteria in the animal's gut while allowing the "good" bacteria to flourish.

"Coriander seeds, for example, are often prescribed for stomach complaints while turmeric and cloves are strong antiseptics.

"Methane is a major contributor to global warming and the slow digestive system of ruminant animals such as cows and sheep makes them a key producer of the gas.

loads of monies!!!

Imagine driving home in the car after work and thinking, I love if someone just gave me loads of money wouldn't that be great!!!!!!!!!!

Lorry spills millions in road

Motorists thought they had hit the jackpot after a lorry carrying millions of euro in coins overturned and spilled its load.

The lorry's rear door popped open, shedding the precious cargo in the road, near Foggie, southern Italy.

Piles of one and two euro coins were left scattered along the motorway, reports the BBC.

Before the police arrived, drivers stopped their cars and made off with at least 10,000 euro.

Police later closed the motorway to try to recover the money.

The lorry, belonging to a security firm, was transporting €2.5m in coins from Cesena to Bari, distributing money from the Italian mint to banks, reports say.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Edward get his knee sorted

Jedward twin to undergo surgery

Jedward star Edward Grimes will have to undergo surgery on his knee after a devastating accident at T4 On The Beach on Sunday.

The singer, who shot to fame on Simon Cowell's The X Factor with his twin brother John, fell over on stage as the duo performed an energetic dance routing to Ghostbusters.

Edward tore his knee ligaments after landing awkwardly but braved the pain to finish the set hopping on one foot. He was then rushed to a hospital near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, for an MRI scan.

A spokesperson for Jedward says, "Following a fall during a performance at T4 On The Beach this Sunday we can confirm that Edward has torn his knee ligaments and will require surgery on his injuries.

"He is expected to make a quick recovery and Jedward are determined to see out their album promotion and Irish tour commitments."

The accident was captured by cameras and broadcast to millions of viewers watching Channel 4.

Cheryl has Maleria?

We spoke about her on the show on monday and how she had collapsed but this seems to be quite serious!!!!

Cheryl collapsed at the weekend after contracting deadly disease malaria during a trip to Tanzania last month, according to reports.

The Girls Aloud star sparked fears for her health after fainting during a photoshoot in London on Saturday.

Initial reports suggested the singer was suffering from exhaustion and a severe stomach bug due to her heavy workload.

However, The Sun reports that the star's illness stems from catching mosquito-borne illness malaria while visiting Africa in June and that she is currently under medics' watch in hospital.

A source tells the publication, "She told doctors she'd had stomach pains since her return from Tanzania. On Sunday evening her condition deteriorated so rapidly she knew it was something serious.

"She'd spent 48 hours in bed trying to sleep off what she thought was a stomach bug. She was extremely weak, sweating and drifting in and out of consciousness. She was driven to hospital where tests showed malaria. Everyone is really concerned. She is very ill."

The star's representative confirmed on Monday that Cole was ordered to take time off by doctors and that she would not be able to work for at least a week.

Surely no one can be this lucky!!!!!!

Woman wins lottery - for fourth time

A Las Vegas woman has continued an amazing run of luck after pocketing a fourth multi-million dollar payout from a lottery scratch card.

Joan Ginther's €7.9m win from a €45 scratchcard was the fourth time she has won a seven-figure sum through playing lottery.

The 63-year-old's win has had US news networks calling her the world's luckiest ever lottery player.

ABC News said Ms Ginther's first win came in 1993 when she won €4.2m. She won a further €1.5m in 2006, then €2.5m in 2008.

Incredibly, three of the tickets were bought from the same small shop in the town of Bishop, Texas.

Friends said Ms Ginther would return to her home town to visit her father and would drop in at the local shop to buy a scratch card.

Store manager Bob Solis said they sell 1,000 lottery tickets a day, adding: "This is a very lucky store."

Scuba Dog!!!

Scuba diving dachshund

A Russian man has made the headlines - by teaching his dog to scuba dive in a specially built wetsuit.

Sergei Gorbunov, a professional diver in Vladivostok, had a diving suit complete with helmet made for his pet dachshund Boniface.

In a recent demonstration, Boniface barked eagerly as Mr Gorbunov readied the equipment and fitted the suit on him.

Once underwater, he seemed to have a different outlook, emitting some high-pitched whines.

But Mr Gobunov insisted: "Underwater, I don't think he experiences any stress."