Friday, July 9, 2010

How to get Rid of Moths

* Tidy up. Before you start cleaning the areas where moths are present, make sure you remove all the clothes in your closet, the food boxes, kitchen utensils and the products in your kitchen. Remove the shoes in your shoe rack.

* Hoover and wash. Clean the area as best you can by vacuuming all surfaces. Vacuum your carpets, cabinets, shelves and walls. Hard surfaces must be dealt with using a scrub and a mixture of detergent and hot water. Scrubbing is an important part of the whole cleaning process because this way, you scratch the larva off the walls, cabinets and other surfaces. After scrubbing, rinse the surfaces with vinegar . You can spray or wipe the surfaces with it. Some shelves can be removed. Take some time to pull them out and scrub the walls and edges. Whatever surface that comes in contact with food must be cleaned thoroughly.

* Throw it out! Any food item infested by moths should be thrown away, especially grain-based food groups, which are a favorite of moths. In the mean time, say goodbye to your tea, flour, raisins and nuts, even if these are sealed properly. You don't want to eat moth larva, do you?

* fly swatter Be thorough. It helps a lot to be thorough in cleaning surfaces and walls because a single larva can make your cleaning efforts go back to zero. Clean your food containers with vinegar or detergent solution.

* Trap the moths. If you see moths flying, kill them with a fly swatter. Using a moth trap will also make your job easier. Local home improvement shops offer products that help you get rid of moths. If you do not have time to shop, you can purchase products online.

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