Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vuvuzela's Uses

Marian Flowerpot
in many ways the shape of the stadium horn would make it an idea potting device. Ideal for long stemmed plants such as tulips or even roses it could well be a secondary use that would help everyone in the garden.

tim, castlegregory
burn all the vuvuzulas

Danny says 3. Petrol funnel.

Bring the Bu bu zalas to Radio Kerry for the 21st next year. Bridie.

Hi andrew as far as I no da vuvu zelas are also used for all local mathes . It's a normal thing over in south Africa

How about gather them all together and shove them down the pipeline in the Gulf to stop the oil leak! Never to be heard from again! :)

Andrew john kelly from cromane Thats a class album angles is class on it

Ethan If you had really annoying neighbours I always wondered what it would be like to celotape one to a car exhaust ?

Hi andrew i use my for calling da sheep up da mountain to feed them and it works eddie o sullivan templenoe

Use it as a beer bong! Dats wat dey were using it as up in oxegen!! Anthony

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