Wednesday, July 7, 2010

loads of monies!!!

Imagine driving home in the car after work and thinking, I love if someone just gave me loads of money wouldn't that be great!!!!!!!!!!

Lorry spills millions in road

Motorists thought they had hit the jackpot after a lorry carrying millions of euro in coins overturned and spilled its load.

The lorry's rear door popped open, shedding the precious cargo in the road, near Foggie, southern Italy.

Piles of one and two euro coins were left scattered along the motorway, reports the BBC.

Before the police arrived, drivers stopped their cars and made off with at least 10,000 euro.

Police later closed the motorway to try to recover the money.

The lorry, belonging to a security firm, was transporting €2.5m in coins from Cesena to Bari, distributing money from the Italian mint to banks, reports say.

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