Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friends One Hour Special

Theres been huge speculation for a couple of years now, as to whether or not there will be a Friends movie. I've read that "this actor wants to do it and can't wait!". And I've read that "that actor dooesn't want a movie due to money issues!" Whatever the real truth is, we know one thing. IT HASN'T HAPPEND!! However recently it was confirmed somewhere on the magical WWW that three of the cast think a once off one hour special would be a great idea.

We would get to see what life has been like for the cast and characters over the last number of years and it would be set at thanksgiving. To be fair the most memorable of Friends episodes are set at thanksgiving.

But Matt Le Blanc AKA Joey:

Thinks it would 'sad' for them to get back together. It would having to break up again!!

Heres the actual story.
Former Friends star Matt le Blanc says resurrecting the TV hit smash for a reunion show would be "sad."

He says Friends was magical and that he feels fortunate to have been a part of it.

But he reckons it would be better just to "imagine" what the characters are getting up to.

Three of his fellow stars have expressed an interest in a one-off show that would be set at Thanksgiving.

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