Monday, November 28, 2011

Man's 1st Word!!

Parents very often tell stories of their kids 1st words, or new parents can't wait for that joyful occasion where their sons and daughters finally say the all important something!! Well then you must think to yourself, "I wonder what was the 1st word ever spoken?" or at least I do :). And you'd be forgiven to think it was sort of groggy early in the morning grunt or groan or general noise uttered from the mouth!!! Well wonder no more because, Scientists claim the D'oh catchphrase of Homer Simpson could have been one of the first words ever uttered by modern man. Boffins from the University of Amsterdam say this is because of the way in which our prehistoric ancestors vocal tract was formed. The shape and mechanics of the mouth and throat meant that while speech would have been limited, the 'u' sound would have been one of the easiest to make. Dr de Boer -- who studied the hyoid bone of ancient vocal tracts -- says this would frequently have been put together to make 'Duh' and 'Buh' sounds. He suggests the first words would have been spoken about million years ago… and are not dissimilar to those used by many men today. Andrew. :)

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