Friday, January 29, 2010

Gone a bit mad these days its just a play gun!!

Two children's TV presenters were stopped by police under anti-terrorism powers while filming a stunt using hairdryers as pretend weapons.

Anna Williamson and Jamie Rickers, who host ITV show Toonattik, were approached by four policemen while filming on London's Southbank.

The officers said that they were suspicious after seeing the pair running around wearing flak jackets and utility belts.

The pair told officers that all they were carrying were hairbrushes, plastic walkie-talkies and blue 'spangly' hairdryers.

"We were stopped, not arrested, but they had to say 'we are holding you under the Anti-Terrorism Act because you're running around in flak jackets and a utility belt', and I said 'and please put spangly blue hairdryer' and he was, like, 'all right'."

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