Friday, January 29, 2010

Is it me or is the baboon bust up??

Somebody Definitly beat him like!!!

A baboon in a Chinese zoo circus has become something of a local celebrity by helping to sell tickets to visitors.

The baboon, Chun Chun, which means Spring in Chinese, sometimes covers for Tianjin zoo's human ticket seller to amuse visitors.

He accepts money from visitors, hands them their tickets - and even gives them their change, according to the zoo.

Chun Chun's trainer said it had taken a lot of work to train him to work in the ticket office as baboons were not naturally clever, like monkeys.

He works with a human supervisor as he sometimes gets confused - and occasionally refuses any banknotes except the 100-yuan notes as they are red, his favourite colour.

"We are now planning further training, to help him with his counting and also to stop his prejudice against banknotes that are not red," said a spokesman.

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