Monday, June 13, 2011

It Turns Out we might all need this Plan!!!!

Earlier on the blog I mentioned a town in the States that has made an emergency plan in the event of a Zombie now...............

Leicester City Council has been forced to make the bizarre admission that it has no emergency plan of how to deal with a zombie apocalypse.

After receiving a Freedom of Information request from a "concerned citizen" the local authority had to reveal how they would protect residents from the undead.

The FOI request had asked, "Can you please let us know what provisions you have in place in the event of a zombie invasion?"

It went on to say the request came after the writer had watched several films and become concerned about the level of preparation.

And it looks like they were right to be concerned, because the authority says the undead do not yet appear in their emergency plan. Anyone think they need a zombie awareness officer?

Andrew, :)

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