Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fancy flying in a transparent plane in 2050?

Transparent cabins, seats that mould around your body and virtual reality games in aircraft may not be a flight of fancy after drawings of an Airbus concept plane could look in 2050 were unveiled.

Stunning views of the night sky could be revealed, with transparent cabins made using materials that are not solid but blended from fluid and gas. Parts of the cabin would be powered using body heat harvested from travellers while they relax in a vitamin and antioxidant-enriched climate.

Holographic games could be played on pop-up projectors, which would also hold interactive conferences and act as virtual changing rooms for travellers wanting to top up their wardrobe.

The plane was first revealed at the Farnborough air show last year, when Airbus concentrated on its green technology and outer structure.

Charles Campion, engineering executive vice-president for Airbus, said: ‘Passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience while also caring for the environment.’

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