Monday, January 24, 2011

New video game is a piece of p***

A collection of new urine-powered video games has been launched at several public toilets around Tokyo.

The Sega games, entitled Toylets, use a pressure sensor on the back of the urinal to measure the strength and direction of the stream of urine.

A small LCD screen at eye-level then allows you to play several simple video games all controlled by your urine.

Currently there are four games being tested. Graffiti Eraser enables the toilet goer to use their stream to erase graffiti on a wall, while Mannekin Pis measures how much urine has been expelled.

In The North Wind and the Sun and Me, the strength of the urine stream produced determines how much a virtual girl's skirt gets blown up by the wind.

Finally, in Battle: Milk from Nose the user has to try and beat the previous urinator's stream strength.

Proud players eager to brag about their performance can even download their high scores onto a flash drive.

Andrew :)

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