Thursday, January 20, 2011

Idiots Much?

Five teenage burglars have been arrested - after they allegedly snorted the ashes of their victim's father and dogs, mistaking them for drugs.

The victim returned to her home in Silver Springs, Florida, to find valuables, including electronic equipment and jewellery missing, reports Fox News.

But what she found most troubling was the theft of her late father's ashes and the ashes of her two beloved Great Danes.

During their investigation, Marion County Sheriff's deputies learned the ashes had been taken because the suspects thought they were cocaine or heroin.

Detectives say the suspects snorted some of the ashes believing them to be cocaine. They later realised their mistake and got rid of the ashes.

Police have arrested and charged Waldo Soroa, 19, Matrix Andaluz, 18, Jose David Diaz Marrero, 19, and two juvenile suspects who cannot be named.

I wonder will they get haunted like Cartman in South Park after drinking Kenny's Ashes thinking it was Chocolate Milk :)


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