Saturday, November 6, 2010

We're in at No. 5

Good news for Irish people this week and for Ireland in general. In a recent study done by the UN, we've been ranked at number 5 best place to live in for quality of life.

It's all here in yesterday's Irish Times

Even though all we read about in the papers and hear on Radio and see on TV is economy this and recession that and job loss here and there, its nice to know that people outside of Ireland see us as a sustainable country.

We're sick of doom and gloom and yet thats all is reported in the media. Yes we have financial worries and yes we are facing a tough budget and yes people are struggling to put food on the table and for that theres no excuse but I for one was thrilled to read this article in the paper, because it finally showed Ireland in a good light.

New breakfast man on 2fm Hector Ó Heochagain was on with Ryan Tubridy on the late late only a few weeks ago, and made an excellent point!

He spoke of the Chilean miners and the ordeal they've been through and how all we've seen on TV and in the paper plus heard on Radio was all positive news regarding the safe rescue of each and every man who had been stuck down the mine. Wasn't it brilliant to not pick up a paper with the headlines "COUNTRY SCREWED" for at least a few days anyway.

I'm not really too sure how I got off topic in this post however, the next you feel like screaming because of RECESSION then think of Ireland as the 5th best place to live in World.


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