Saturday, November 6, 2010

Death is Sexy??

Here is a way to drum up some new business! Make a calendar, put have naked women in the month's photos and then lay them over coffins..................

Coffin makers have taken the lid off the raunchy side of their business with a racy calendar of drop dead gorgeous models.

The calendar - produced by Polish funeral experts Lindner - shows models in sexy lingerie draped over the caskets performing movie scenes from films like James Bond, Reservoir Dogs and The Godfather.

The black and white cover shows a close up of a woman in a frilly thong and suspenders holding a gun behind her back, while on the back a couple are seen apparently making love on top of a coffin.

Inside, the months begin with a man being forced in to a coffin at the barrel of a Tommy gun and end with a curvy topless blonde posing in front of a mirror.

Company spokesman Bartek Lindner said: "It has a sort of Hollywood feel with a darker edge."

But the calender featuring models from the UK, Germany and Poland has sparked controversy in Catholic Poland.

"This is simply tasteless and shocking. Death is not sexy and the connotations presented in this calender are disturbing to say the least," said church spokseman Father Tadeusz Rybnik in Warsaw.

This is not the first time Lindner has come in for a grilling. Last year it provoked similar outrage when it released another calendar of half-naked models posing alongside coffins.

"Last year we sold over 3,000 copies of the calender, this year we hope it will be more," said Lindner.

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