Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update from Feb 10th show :)

Undertaker lifts lid on last requests

An undertaker has lifted the lid on the bizarre last requests of his clients after 50 years in the funeral business.

One 84-year-old widow refused to be buried in the joint graveyard plot her husband had bought before his death, and insisted on being buried with her stuffed pet parrot instead.

And another - reveals Franjo Jozic from Zagreb, Croatia - was buried by her family with her coffin lined in banknotes.

But some requests can never be fulfilled, the 72-year-old explained.

"We get quite a few family members who approach us after a funeral and ask us if we can dig up their relatives to recover jewellery.

"But the strangest was a woman who wanted us to dig up her mother so she could get her artificial hip joint. She said she'd paid for it and she wanted it back," he said.

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