Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All the latest John Terry Jokes!!

Hey Andrew did u hear Wayne Bridge tried to patched things up with the miss's. He bought her roses but she told him she preffered Terrys! Bazza in killarney

Police in lndon just caught ashley cole speeding at 130mph on d a3 when asked why he was speeding he replyied john terry car just seen outside my house:-)

Chant heard at Burnley v Wigan: "Same old Terry, always cheating."

After Wayne Bridge refused to play for England while John Terry remains captain, fans are now urging JT to try it on with Emile Heskey's wife.

Poor Wayne Bridge - he's not even first choice with his his wife.

John Terry has explained he didn't mean to have sex with Vanessa Perroncel - he just slipped while he was showing her how to take a penalty.

John Terry has announced he's lost his England captain's armband. Fabio Capello told him to ask Wayne Bridge to check under the bed.

Ashley Cole has admitted perjury in his court hearing for speeding. He said he wasn't trying to outrun paperazzi he was trying to get home before John Terry.

What do Wayne Bridge and the Titanic have in common? They both should've stayed at Southampton.

John Terry is to release a charity single - it's a version of The Cars' My Best Friend's Girl.

His follow-up will be Under The Bridge.


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