Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My favourtie story of the day :).

A Brazilian councillor has proposed a law to force superstitious brides to wear knickers at the altar.

Ozias Zizi claims a growing number of women in his home town of Vila Velha are turning up to church with nothing on underneath their wedding dresses.

He says the brides believe it will make their marriages last longer.

The Brazilian Repulican Party politician claims his new law, which would also put a lower limit on brides' necklines, will save clergymen from embarrassment.

He said: "There are a lot of women who believe that if they get married without wearing knickers this helps secure their nuptials for longer.

"The person, in fact, can get married in whichever way they like, but the moment they enter a place of worship they must show some respect. And without knickers just won't do."

But a local pastor, who conducts weddings in the town, branded the bill as "ridiculous".

Enoch de Castro said: "It would be an absurd thing to try to have to police something like this, to find out whether a bride is wearing knickers or not."


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