Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Irish Facts without Wikipedia

Below are some of the brilliant tweets from people today started by Rick O Shea on RTE 2fm. I was crfying laughing at some of them and there are hundreds more on twitter just search for the # tag but its trending anyway so shouldn't be too hard find.

Andrew. :)

I'm on twitter too @andrewradiodj

the reason God invented beer was to stop the Irish taking over the world #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

#irishfactswithoutwikipedia people from Navan are biologically incapable of turning left.

John & Mary from Father Ted were married in real life until a string of domestic abuse ended the marriage. #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

#irishfactswithoutwikipedia We actually do all live in thatched cottages & play the tin whistle.

Murder She Wrote is Ireland's most-loved TV show and is broadcast on all important occasions #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

St. Patrick drove the snakes out of ireland in a fod cortina that had no NCT or Tax or insurance #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

@Karl_Woodhouse Abrakebabra have 2 michelin stars but don't like to advertise it #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

"Five a day" comprise Potatoes, Sausages, Tae, Bread and Onions #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

Trains in Donegal are never late. #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

Johnny Logan and Linda Martin are actually sisters #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

#irishfactswithoutwikipedia Shane McGowan once hosted a pilot episode of the Late Late Show. This episode has never aired.

the Government actually know what they are doing and are working in the best interest of the people #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

The plot of Star Wars is loosely based on the life of Don Conroy #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

#irishfactswithoutwikipedia The polo-neck jumper was invented in Carlow

Halloween was started in #Ireland by Kevin Myers back when his name was Michael. #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

#irishfactswithoutwikipedia Father Ted was a true story and was the first reality TV show

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