Monday, May 9, 2011

Remember!! Slow Down!!!!!!!

Next time you're out Roller Blading, remember SLOW DOWN :)


A man caught on a speed camera doing 40mph in a 30mph zone has escaped prosecution - because he was on roller-skates.

Sam Tuffnell, 28, was pictured setting off a camera in his home town of Hastings, East Sussex.

The stunt was filmed by a friend, who posted the footage to YouTube, where it has been viewed nearly 100,000 times.(at time of this post)

Mr Tuffnell said: "We had always talked about whether it was possible to be caught speeding on blades, but we have only just got around to doing it.

"We chose the camera we did because it was at the bottom of a hill so I could build some speed up.

"Everyone loves the video. Some people think it is brilliant but some people think I am mad.

"I found out I had broken my coccyx a few days before and the rollerblades also had no brakes - but I was trying to go even faster than 50mph.

"Like everyone, we do have a bit of a grudge against speed cameras, but this was not some kind of protest, it was just a stunt."

A spokesman for Sussex Safer Roads Partnership confirmed Mr Tuffnell would not face any punishment as he was not in a vehicle.

Andrew. :)

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