Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mother of All Potholes!!

A fella in Enlgand found himself in a hole {see what I did there ;)} lot of trouble when his 4x4 crashed into a water-filled crater in the road.

Chris Nedic and his two sons, Chris and Carl, had to jump to safety when their Nissan Navara dropped headfirst into the huge 4ft deep pothole.

The incident occurred when the three men were driving home along the A464 near Albrighton.

Chris junior, 23, escaped with minor cuts and bruises while Carl, 25, had to receive hospital treatment for injuries to his back and leg.

Meanwhile, Chris senior was injured slightly when he fell into the hole trying to rescue the vehicle.

According to police, only the size of the new €26,000 vehicle saved them from being completely submerged.

The huge hole was caused by two burst water pipes, an incident that left around 2,000 homes in the area without water.

Chris junior said: "I thought I was a goner. We are lucky to be alive".

Ambulance crews were sent to the accident scene but were forced to retreat after paramedics feared a second hole was opening up.

An ambulance spokesman said: "Had it been a small car, the whole vehicle might have been submerged and that could have led to a very different situation."

Christ I tohught we had it bad here, although some parts of the country are heading this way too :)


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