Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some Incorrect Answers!!

I recorded this sound at home a few weeks ago. I was sitting on the couch watching TV on a Sunny Saturday Afternoon, but what could the noise be :) great fun on the show with this. Heres some of the incorrect guesses so far:

You trying to light the gas fire? Louise.

Tongs for the fire. Pa dunne bduff

Wer u opening a can a beer mike

Opening a bottle of beer. Nora mountcollins

Killing a fly

Clicking a lighter breda flynn

Is the noise in ur livin room 1 of them flip lightersda lighters wit d covers. Eileen frm ballydesmond.

It Is Putting a CD into a CD Player Maureen O Gorman
Its u clicking ur fingers for ur girlfriend to get a beer out d fridge ur a brave man andrew lol

Is it a VCR rewinding a tape and clicks as it stops. Louise
Wood burning in a fire p brosnan castleisland

Electric light switch r turning radio off on from Diana

My guess is u were switchn on a lamp r a switch. Anne n banna

Is da noise a pull dwn string on a lamp r switch on wall. Eileen frm ballydesmond.

A clock ticking kathleen in killarney

Playing the spoons!

Hi Andrew its a scissors like fire poker. Aisling killarney

Is it you cutting your nails andrew anne from glenbeigh

Clicking a pen Shaun

Is da noise andrew breaking off a square of choclate from a choclate bar? Pauline caherslee tralee.

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