Tuesday, February 21, 2012


NEW GAME - "Ultimate Tazer Ball"

It allows players to zap opponents with 300,000-volt stun guns, to induce a muscle spasm which will make them drop the ball or trip over.

There have been no official games played but the sport's creators insist it is genuine and claim they are planning to form a league.

The game's US inventors say the stun guns are designed to deliver eight milliamps of current - well below the lethal dose of one amp.

In the video clip, one zapped player warns: "If you're scared, don't play." Another adds: "It hurts, man, it doesn't feel good."

Only the player in possession may be zapped as teams of four compete to manoeuvre an over-sized foam ball into their opponents' net.

There are four fledgling teams - LA Nightlight, Philadelphia Killawatts, Toronto Terror and San Diego Spartans - according to the clip.

Great idea? or Crazy bastards?

Andrew. :)

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