Friday, August 20, 2010

Greatest Tennis Player in the world

Roger Federer astounded crew members at a photo shoot with a trick shot in which he knocked a drink bottle off a man's head with his serve.

The six-times Wimbledon champion's trick was similar to the legend of William Tell who was said to have shot an apple off his son's head with a crossbow.

The video of the amazing stunt has attracted nearly 560,000 hits on video-sharing website YouTube in just two days, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The start of the video, filmed during a Gillette and British Skin Foundation photo shoot, shows the World Number Two apparently discussing a recent match with a crew member.

To prove a point about the accuracy of his serve, Federer challenges the man to stand with the bottle on his head before crashing two pinpoint serves directly onto it, sending it flying while leaving the man unharmed.

After successfully repeating the trick, the besuited star remarks: "What's next? That was good, right?"

One viewer commented: "All the people who think this is real obviously have never played tennis let alone serving. It is not possible to have such precision especially when it's twice and there is a human involved. This is FAKE!"

But another replied: "You really think this is fake? Yes the greatest player of all time can't hit a can from 20 feet? You guys are a joke. Of course its real."

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